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Set of 4 CBD drinks Leaflow

Set of 4 CBD drinks Leaflow

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Experience Japanese unique aroma and CBD.

  • Alcohol alternative
  • 55.2 calories per bottle and mouth-watering flavors
  • No-caffeine
  • Fat-free
  • Added 20mg of organic CBD isolate, Non-GMO
  • Slightly carbonated refreshing and thirst-quenching
  • Third-party laboratory tested with certificates of analysis (COAs) available on the product website

①"Hyuganatsu" New Summer Orange

Experience our CBD product, enriched with the unique Japanese citrus "Hyuganatsu" from Miyazaki, known globally for its distinctive taste."Hyuganatsu," a specialty from Miyazaki Prefecture also referred to as the New Summer Orange.


To this vibrant mix, we add a hint of Hinoki the finest wood, serving as an intriguing accent.
Hinoki cypress is also recognized for its long-lasting fragrance and known since ancient times in Japan for its superior quality as a construction material.It's been used extensively in historical temple constructions such as Nara's Todai-ji and the Ise Grand Shrine.In our product, the combination of hemp and the ancient Japanese tree, Hinoki, delivers a natural taste and fragrance for you to savor.


③"Setouchi" lemon

Setouchi lemons, known for their fleshy consistency and thin, mildly acidic skin, thrive in Hiroshima Prefecture—the top producer of domestic lemons in Japan. The favorable warm and dry climate of the Setouchi area, characterized by abundant sunshine and minimal rainfall, fosters the growth of these lemons with high sugar content and rich, easily squeezable juice.


Our blend, crafted in Toyama—a region famed for its pristine waters—offers a natural taste highlighted by delicate notes of elderflower.
This luxury experience is a testament to our commitment to uniquely Japanese refinement and meticulous crafting. Enjoy the difference.

Sugar (manufactured in Japan), rare sugar syrup, "Setouchi" lemon extract, salt, dextrin, cannabidiol/carbonic acid, acidulant, stabilizer (polysaccharide thickener) flavor, emulsifier


【Shelf life】Stated on the bottle

【Nutrition Facts (per 100ml)】
Energy: 23kcal
Protein: 0g
Salt equivalent: 0.1g

*CBD Origin: Oregon, USA
*Keep out of direct sunlight and high temperatures


【Recommended Usage Situations】
・Relaxing time at the end of the day
・When you want to switch off your brain after concentrated work
・When your sympathetic nervous system is not at rest because you have been ・using your head all day
・When you want to sleep well and wake up refreshed
・When you have an important presentation the next day
・When you are suffering from jet lag
・Before a long flight, bullet train, etc.
・After yoga, Pilates, gym, running, etc.
・When you want to take a breather on a day off from drinking.
・When you can't drink alcohol, but you don't want to drink oolong tea or juice
・To finish up after a sauna
・Time to reward yourself

【Recommended for business occasions!】
・In-house events where it is too early to serve alcohol
・Anniversary parties and social events
・As a seasonal greeting or gift
・As an office benefit
・As a communication promotion tool at conferences, etc.


YOUR own original labels available from 100 bottles!
Please contact at for a quote.

The flavors are supervised by Macaron Yuka, a Japanese female chef who also works as a private chef for professionals, teaches at a cooking school, and directs a food brand that distributes to famous department stores.

*The minimum purchase is 2 bottles.

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