• Maki Rui Nagamori

    Rui, a Tokyo-based serial entrepreneur, successfully exited a previous venture in 2021. She is well-versed in e-commerce, retail services, sustainability for consumer goods, PR & branding, and strategic marketing.

  • Miki Ihara

    After running Surprise Enterprise, a limited liability editing, copywriting, and localization company, for over 30 years, she started Leaflow, Inc. in 2021. As an author and translator, she has published 16 books.


  • Izumi Tamada/Branding Director

    After working for Mitsubishi Estate, she became independent and involved in regional branding, product/menu development in various regions of Japan.

  • Macaron Yuka/Product Supervisor

    A Japanese female chef who also works as a private chef for professionals, teaches at a cooking school, and directs a food brand that distributes to famous department stores. Supervised Leaflow flavor.

  • Chiyun Yo/Creative Director

    Born in Taiwan. She not only works with UX/UI, but also organizes workshops to help entrepreneurs understand product branding and brand strategy. She is also active as an illustrator.

  • Akiko Shimazu/Editorial Director

    She has worked mainly in the public relations field, including PR and article editing for luxury brand watches, and rebranding and PR for a craft beer company.